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About Us

Hand Crafted Excellence at Affordable Prices

True leathercrafters producing quality American products are a rare sight today. Joe and Pat White, the expert crafters at Hidemasters have over 80 years of combined experience in producing the highest quality leather products. They pride themselves on the four cornerstones of their products: Quality, Functionality, Durability and Design.

Even with all those years of experience, leather is still just as fun today. Since every piece is hand made and every piece of leather is different, there is still a challenge with every belt that they make. How the stamp goes in, or how the piece takes the dye, is an adventure and makes it fun. You can almost see the enjoyment in everyone of Hidemasters’ finished products.

The Artist


Pat focuses of the design, stamping and tooling of the leather.

Pat is a graduate of Northern Arizona University. Upon completion she entered the Air Force Officer Training School, Soon after she was commissioned and became the first commissioned female Security Police Officer in Air Force history. At the end of the Vietnam war Pat ended her time in the service and has been working with leather ever since.

TheĀ Craftsman


Joe cuts, edges, dyes and finishes the leather belts.

Joe, a disabled Vietnam Era Veteran, was a Police officer in Flint Michigan before being drafted into the Vietnam war as a Law Enforcement Specialist. While in the Air Force Joe was sent to Michigan State University to complete his Criminal Law degree. Upon graduation he completed the Officer Training School and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

Our Belts

High quality full grain leather belts - Tough, Durable, and Made to Last



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