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Belt Size Guide

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The Foolproof Way to Determine your Belt Size

When it comes to your belt, size is important. It needs to fit now but also have room to adjust larger or smaller as times change. Don’t worry, Hidemasters is here to help with our foolproof way to determine your belt size. You are going to need that tattered old belt you currently have on as well as a tape measure. Follow the steps and refer to the diagram below. Trust us, it is that easy.

  1. On your current belt find the hole you are currently using (Letter A in the diagram). This is where you should start the tape measure.
  2. From starting point A measure the distance to the end of the buckle (Letter B in the diagram).
  3. The distance in inches between the two points is your belt size. We size to the middle hole so you have two inches either way.

Plain Belt


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The Durango

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